Thing to Do When I am Uber Rich

Fund and direct charity organizations to:

(1) Promote Utilitarianism philosophy as a quasi-religion

(2) Solve scarcity by promoting energy and nanotechnology research: (a) commercialize near-limitness energy sources such as fusion, solar-satellite, anti-matter, zero-point, (b) turn limitness energy into matter, (c) rearrange matter into consumable form via nanotech, (d) reduce sickness and extend human life via nanotech

(3) Solve poverty by designing and promoting a post-scarcity economic structure that (a) has just enough government intervention to solve externalities and tragedy of commons, (b) is decentralized otherwise, (c) work is not required to achieve a basic standard of living, (d) innovation is rewarded

(4) Solve (the main cause of) suffering by promoting a revamped/modernized form of democratic government to all sovereigns: (a) power begins with the individual, (b) delegated upwards where necessary to provide goods, services, and structures IF AND ONLY IF they cannot be provided or cannot be efficiently provided by a free market, (c) strong and clear checks and balances to ensure government reports to the people

(5) Promote interstellar travel, exploration and colonization.



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