Hello World

Hello World,

It has been a while since I last wrote to you. My, so much has happened since – you have changed so much I barely recognize you.

Between my last blog post from a couple years ago and now:

You had your little summer fling with Katrina. You made your precious black juice cost $120, but still kept most of it in the most unstable regions of the world. You put the first chinese guy in space. You implanted Mama Russia a new set of balls and gave her a remilitarized government.

You let the country of my ethnic origin host their first Olympics ever, and in its opening ceremony, you were gracious enough to involve a “beauty-challenged” little girl in a scandal that made her more famous than she otherwise would’ve been. And then you gave some swimmer guy 8 new gold medals to add to his existing collection of 6 – just to guarantee that he has enough gold to melt to survive the upcoming collapse of the banking system.

You got your first ever black (or more accurately, half-black) candidate for The President of the USA, and the first ever woman (hopefully, not half-woman) Vice President nominee.

But all of the above pales, in terms of how you affected me, compared to the crisis you are in right now, where you saw the complete destruction of the investment banking business model.

Remember that one time, around 2001, when I was pursuing a degree and career in the software field just in time for the great burst of the tech bubble? Fast forward to today – now that I have firmly planted myself in the finance industry, the gift from you this time is none other than the unprecedented collapse of the global financial system. If I didn’t have a sense of humour, I would’ve thought you were serious.

Or may be you ARE serious. But it wouldn’t matter. Because we both know that in the end, I am going to win.

And trust me, you will be glad I won. It will be for your own good.


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